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We Build Thick Green Lawns

We take the time to accurately measure the square footage of your lawn, since this is essential for our applicators to ensure your lawn receives the right amount of fertilizer. We use a slow-release fertilizer and a low volume, premium liquid weed control.

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Specializing In

  • Seasonal Lawn Fertilizer Programs
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Aeration

Seasonal Lawn Fertilizer Programs

Our program consists of five (5) annual applications. We use a slow-release fertilizer and a low volume premium liquid weed control. We also include crabgrass control with the first application and offer an optional plug aeration in the fall.

Our Five Annual Applications Include:

  • Slow-Release Fertilizers (first application includes crabgrass control)
  • Low Volume, Premium Liquid Weed Control
  • Free Guarantee of Weed/Insect Control (with five annual applications)
  • Lawn Tip Information Packet/Application Flags (left at your door after each service)
  • Remove Fertilizer Pellets Off Your Sidewalks, Patio and Driveway with a Power Blower

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