Will rain affect the Application?

Light rain will not affect any granular or liquid application. In fact, light rain can be beneficial to the effectiveness of the application. Granular applications benefit from watering which helps the product to break down and become absorbed by the soil. Rain also helps to open the pores on the leaves of weeds. If the pores are open, the liquid applications are more readily absorbed through the leaves of the weeds, helping to kill them sooner.
No matter if the application happens in wet or dry conditions, if the weeds are not dying within 10 days after an application has occurred, please call our office for a FREE Service Call so a technician can visit your property to spot spray the remaining weeds.

What are the precautions for dogs / children?

The safety of your children and pets is one of our highest priorities! We follow the guidelines listed on each of our products and well as those that are provided by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. In general, children and pets should remain off of a treated lawn for at least 24 hours before being allowed to play on the lawn. In the case of dogs, please allow up to 2 hours after an application has been performed before allowing your dog onto the lawn. The dog may "do their business" but please refrain them from playing around or eating the grass. Once the dog returns to the house, wipe their feet with a damp rag to ensure that they do not accidentally ingest any of the residual product that may be on their feet.

How soon can I mow after an Application?

You can mow your lawn anytime before or after an Application. Mowing will not affect the effectiveness of the products. We encourage mulching the lawn clippings and leaving them on the lawn as they contain beneficial nutrients and bacteria that help promote a healthy lawn. If you bag your clippings, please be sure to not use them in gardens or around flower beds as they may contain residual weed control product that may adversely affect your plants. Mowing your lawn to 3 inches of height will also promote a thick, green lawn.

How long should the flags stay in the yard?

After each application, our technicians will place flags in your yard. These flags notifiy both the resident and the local public that an application has been performed. State law states that the flags should be left in the yard until Sunset on the day following the application. It is up to the resident to leave the flags in place until the end of the designated time frame but we STRONGLY recommend leaving them in place for the full time. The flags help to notifiy people walking by and children to stay off the lawn to avoid adverse reactions to the products that have been applied. While they may seem unsightly to the resident, they are very important at preventing harm to other people and animals in the area.